Production and Morphological Characterization of Nanofiber Membrane with Natural Wound Healing

Keywords: Natural wound healing, polymer, electrospinning, nanofiber membrane.


Wound is defined as the cessation of the structure and functional function of living tissue as a result of the deterioration of the entire skin for various reasons. Wound treatment started with human history. The main purpose in wound treatment is; It is to correct the deteriorated skin structure and functional properties by providing tissue repair as soon as possible. For this reason, there are many different techniques in wound treatment today.

In this study, the production of composite membranes, in which additives with known natural wound healing properties were added to various polymers, was achieved by nanotechnological electrospinning technique. Material properties were determined by performing morphological (Scanning Electron Microscope-SEM) analysis on the produced membranes. Our nanofiber composite material produced can be an ideal material that can lead various sectors, especially the health sector, with its functional properties.

Author Biographies

Erdi Buluş, Material Technologies Specialist

Dear Editor,
We would like to present our nanotechnological filter work we have developed against the COVID-19 pandemic, which is the current problem of today.
We would like to present our nanofiber filter to our readers and the scientific community against the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a current issue of our membranes with structural, morphological, mechanical and filtration efficiency.
Best regards

Gülseren Sakarya Buluş


Mehmet Akkaş

Assistant Professor

Tayfun Çetin

Assistant Professor

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Buluş, E.; Sakarya Buluş, G.; Akkaş, M.; Çetin, T. Production and Morphological Characterization of Nanofiber Membrane With Natural Wound Healing. J. mater. electron. device. 2021, 2, 1-5.

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