Obtaining a New Generation Skin Mask for Cosmetic Applications


  • Gulseren Sakarya Bulus*
  • Erdi Bulus


As in every field, there is a great variety in the field of cosmetics to increase quality and to meet the demands of customers who prefer personal care products. Among many cosmetic products, the addition of nanomaterials has provided better quality and is widely used in sunscreen creams, anti-aging creams, hair products, face masks and lipsticks. The cosmetic application of electrospun nanofibers is a new area with great emphasis on the development of face masks or membranes capable of revealing skin care products [1-3].

In this study, new generation skin masks that can moisturize the skin and contribute to cell regeneration, electrospinning technique, black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) (DO), aloe vera (AV), black rice (Oryza sativa) (SP) added polyvinyl alcohol ( It was obtained from PVA) composites. In addition to morphological (SEM, Scanning Electron Microscopy), biological (Cell Culture) and mechanical (Attraction) characterization studies of these produced nanocomposites, dermatological testing (in-vivo PATCH test) (for sensitive and normal skin) and toxicology tests were carried out. When the results of the study are evaluated, it will be able to show the feature of a face mask, which is anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, calming, anti-inflammatory cosmetic products that improve the skin, prevent skin aging and help fight free radicals.




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Gulseren Sakarya Bulus*; Erdi Bulus. Obtaining a New Generation Skin Mask for Cosmetic Applications. J. mater. electron. device. 2021, 7, 25-33.