The The analysis of current-voltage characteristic of organic semiconductor diode with anthracene-imine fabricated by spin coating method


  • Nihat Tuğluoğlu* Giresun Univesity
  • Serkan Eymur Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Giresun University


Anthracene-imine, Spin coating, Schottky diode, ideality factor, barrier height, series resistance


Anthracene-imine (dimethyl (E)-3-(anthracene-9-ylmethylene)amino)benzoate, the compound containing an anthracene-imine group) thin film was deposited on n-Si crystal by spin coating method. In this work, Au/ Anthracene-imine /n-Si/In diode with Schottky barrier were prepared and electrical characteristics were investigated in  dark and 300 K. The characteristic diode parameters such as ideality factor and barrier height were determined by the current–voltage (I–V) measurement. The values of the rectifying ratio, ideality factor (n) and barrier height ( ) values were determined as 160, 2.44, and 0.662 eV, respectively. The series resistance ( ) values were determined using Cheung and Norde functions as 440 Ω for dV/d(lnI)-I graph, 413 Ω for H(I)-I graph and 1849Ω for F(V)-V graph. As a results, the results revealed that the Schottky barrier height of the diode can be modifed by Anthracene-imine organic interfacial layer, and the Au/Anthracene-imine/n-Si/In Schottky diode can be used in electronic applications 




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Tuğluoğlu*, N.; Eymur, S. The The Analysis of Current-Voltage Characteristic of Organic Semiconductor Diode With Anthracene-Imine Fabricated by Spin Coating Method. J. mater. electron. device. 2023, 3.