Topology Optimization of Snake-like Robot Limb Using Ansys


  • Yusuf Coşkun* Istanbul Health and Technology University
  • Muhammet Aydın Firat University
  • Muhammed Tayyip Koçak Istanbul Health and Technology University


Recent natural disasters lead to the formation of large amounts of debris and consequently to the trapping of living creatures among the debris. A search and rescue robot inspired by the morphology of a snake has been designed to effectively reach the trapped creatures in these challenging conditions. Optimization of the body limb is of great importance for the robot to perform fast, agile, and durable in narrow and complex areas under debris. In this study, a topology optimization analysis of the robot's limb is performed using Ansys software. The optimization is focused on the body limb, which is the basis of the snake's mobility. The main objective of this study is to achieve significant optimization of the mass and volume parameters for the robot's body limb while maintaining structural robustness. Thus, the overall design of the robot is aimed to be more compact and efficient, while achieving more effective mobility in narrow and difficult areas under debris. As a result of detailed analysis, a significant decrease in stress and strain values was found. However, an increase in deformation values was observed. The fact that this increase occurs in deformation indicates that some parameters of the model deviate from the expected results. Furthermore, the investigation revealed that the mass and volume of the model decreased by half. This shows the potential of topology optimization in terms of material utilization and structural efficiency. However, the increase in deformation indicates that the current parameters of the model should be reviewed. Consequently, it has become imperative to revise the selected parameters to further improve the performance of the model and achieve the expected mechanical properties. This study successfully demonstrates how lighter and more durable structures can be achieved through topology optimization with efficient use of resources.




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Yusuf Coşkun*; Muhammet Aydın; Muhammed Tayyip Koçak. Topology Optimization of Snake-Like Robot Limb Using Ansys. J. mater. electron. device. 2023, 5, 1-8.