Transition metals (Cu/Co/Mn) doped NiO films: Structural, optical and morphological properties

  • Olcay Gençyılmaz Çankırı Karatekin University
Keywords: NiO films, Transition metals doping, Optical constants, XRD, FESEM


This paper reports a work of the produce of un-doped and transition metals doped nickel oxide (NiO) films and its some physical properties characterization. The un-doped, Cu, Co and Mn doped NiO films were produced by spray pyrolysis technique and investigated the dopant elements effects of on structural, morphological and optical properties. X-ray diffraction results revealed that the sprayed NiO films were polycrystalline structures in cubic phase and exhibit (111) preferential orientation. Moreover, the crystalline levels and peak positions were slightly changed by doping. The average grain size of the films was calculated using Scherer formula and Williamson and Hall plots. Also, the optical parameters such as band gap energy, Urbach energy, steepness parameter, refractive index and dielectric constants were calculated using absorption spectra and energy gap-refractive index relations (Moss Relation and Herve- Vandamme). The band gap values of NiO films were determined in range of 3.55-3.20 eV. From the FESEM investigations, the surface morphology of the NiO films was found to depend on the doped element. The chancing of the physical properties and its correlation to doped transition metals were discussed by means of the results procured in the work.

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Gençyılmaz, O. Transition Metals (Cu/Co/Mn) Doped NiO Films: Structural, Optical and Morphological Properties. J. mater. electron. device. 2021, 6, 7-15.