Electrical Characterization of Photodiodes and Solar Cells with FYTRONIX Solar IV Characterization System

  • Ayşegül Dere


This paper summarizes the utilization of FYTRONIX solar simulator to determine photovoltaic parameters (short circuit current Isc, open circuit voltage Voc, fill factor FF, maximum power Pmax, maximum voltage Vmax, maximum current Imax, series resistance Rs, shunt resistance Rsh, characterization resistance Rch, analysis of photovoltaic mechanism) of the solar cells such as dye sensitized solar cell, organic solar cell, silicon solar cells, thin film solar cell). In order to determine photovoltaic parameters, FYTRONIX solar simulator automatically measures current-voltage (I-V), power-voltage (P-V), short circuit current- Intensity (Isc-Pin), short circuit current-time (Isc-t), open circuit voltage (Voc-t) under various intensities. In this paper, it is mainly also aimed how to be determined the photovoltaic parameters and possible photovoltaic mechanism in the any solar cell by FYTRONIX Full automatic solar simulator.

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Dere, A. Electrical Characterization of Photodiodes and Solar Cells With FYTRONIX Solar IV Characterization System. J. mater. electron. device. 2021, 6, 24-26.